Photoshop Archives

I don't get to mess around with Photoshop nearly as much as I'd like to. When I do use Photoshop it's normally for a specific task and when I'm finished I close Photoshop. I really need to start practicing and learning new things. One thing that could really get me to keep Photoshop open and start tinkering around is Read more
Tutorials are a great way to learn how to do new things. I'm a big fan of Photoshop tutorials and some of the best are over at Be sure to check it out! Read more
So, last night I did a little more work on the theme I'm trying to create. I'm thinking I like squared corners the best. I'm also pretty sure I'm sticking with the current color scheme and ... Read more
So I was messing around last night with some cliche "web 2.0" graphics and came up with the following two very similar images. Let me know what you think. One with a gray gradient background: And one ... Read more